Chalet Nimrod Castle
Hostel and restaurant in the mountains





Wooden Cabins at Nimrod


In the North Golan Heights ,1115 meters above sea level
you will find 9 wooden cabins, hand made by the owner ,very intimate and romantic, suitable for families and hikers in addition.

The place is established and managed by guy and Lilach by ecological principle.

The family runs Highland hospitality at its best - comfortable farmhouse home, delicious home cooking and hosts to share their local knowledge. There land is a peaceful rural area, three hours from Tel Aviv and only 45 minutes drive from Sea of Galilee - Lake Kinneret.


Cabins: The in



The cabins, all Wooden ,suites for 2-8 persons each. All cabins include well equipped kitchen, jaccuzi, fireplace ,air conditioning and a private parking .There is also SPA unit includes a Jacuzzi for 6 persons & sauna. 2 cabins are located in cherry orchard, isolated in the mountain said .Homemade Breakfast, gourmet meal & Alternative Massage is only part of the service that optional to the cabins guests.

We provide tea/coffee making facilities, music player and mini fridge. Pets are very welcome by arrangement.


The front of the cabins looks onto beautiful farmland, countryside and small lake. All rooms are tastefully and comfortably furnished. The place adjoins three Nature Reserves, which is popular with water hike and challenge journey. 2 miles away are the drus villages that providing local traditional hospitality. The cabins are an ideal base for combat tours, castle and winery trails, There is a wealth of beautiful scenery, historical sites and places of interest to visit

Food & Drink

Restaurants Chalet Nimrod Castle with lake views, highly romantic sometimes we even set a table for two. Just as rich in variety as our gourmet spots is our menu: light Israel cuisine in all varieties, local specialities, and beef from the golan . Treat yourself once more to a taste of the good life.




Spa cabin


A large hut made by natural material, central dry sauna facility with wooden walls and a huge, bubbling Jacuzzi transmitting concentrated water streams to the very spots in your body requiring relaxation and comfort.

The Spa's highly experienced team of therapists offers a variety of soothing treatments



Treatments Available


Holistic Swedish Massaging

Massaging with hot stones


Thai Massaging

Aromatic Massaging




Property Type: Chalet


Chalet Nimrod Castle
Hostel and restaurant in the mountains


Country: Isreal

Golan Heights - North Israel Region:)

Hermon Location: Mountain,


drive hours Airport: Tel Aviv 3


Beds / Bath:

Sleeps: 45

Double Beds: 12

Single Beds: 25

Bathrooms - Jacuzzi : 9



Toster Oven





Suitable For:



Romantic Holiday

Private (secluded)

Winter Holidays


Local Amenities:



Food Shops



Air Conditioning


Hot Tub



Patio/Garden Furniture


Local Activities:




Country Hikes

Horse Riding

Historical Sites/Culture






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Nearby Parks Reserves



Nimrod Fortress National Park



The Nimrod Fortress National Park graces the slopes of Israel's highest mountain, Mount Hermon, above the Banias spring. The fortress overlooks the forested dales and magnificent landscape of the area.

Nimrod Fortress was built in 1228 by the Ayyubi governor Al-Aziz 'Othman as a preemptory strategic move. Frederick II's army was headed from Acre to Damascus and Al-Aziz 'Othman saw the fortress as a way of blocking the road to Frederick's troops.

After the royal sultan Baybars captured the fortress, he transformed it into a huge fortified complex. The tour of the site passes through the imposing gate and alongside the monumental lintel. The text of the large inscription on the lintel indicates that it is from the time of Baybars (1275 B.C.E.). The nearby toilet is from the same period. In 1998 excavators found a good-size stone with a carving of a cheetah, the symbol of Baybars.

As they make their way to the donjon, constructed as a freestanding internal castle, visitors can admire the reservoirs and large watchtowers at the complex. Of particular interest is the well-disguised secret passage, built of enormous stones, which connected the fortress to the outside world.





Hermon National Park (Banias)
The largest waterfall in Israel and the remains of an ancient city

The Banias spring begins at the foot of Mount Hermon and its water rushes with great force through a canyonlike channel, losing 190 meters in altitude over the course of three and a half kilometers and forming the Banias waterfall, one of the most beautiful in Israel.
After nine kilometers, the Hermon River meets the Dan River and the two flow into the Jordan River.
A wide staircase connects the Banias spring to the Banias cave. Long ago, the spring actually bubbled from within the cave. The five grottos in the nearby cliff are remnants of a shrine to the god Pan, the origin of the name Panias (or Banias, as it was pronounced in Arabic). A short path leads from the cave to a white structure atop a step on the cliff, which is the graveside of the Druze Saint Nebe Hader. Outside the cave are the remains of a temple built by Herod.
Another trail leads from the flour mill downstream to the Banias waterfall, about a kilometer away. This was the site of the Officers' Pool, used by Syrian officers stationed in the area. The concrete pool is filled with spring water which is somewhat warmer than the water running in the river.
At the end of the first century B.C.E., the Romans annexed the Banias area to Herod's kingdom. After Herod's death, his son, Philip the Tetrarch, inherited northern Eretz Israel and in 2 B.C.E. established the capital of his kingdom near the springs. Although the new capital was named Caesarea Philippi, this area continued to be known as Panias.
One of the seminal events in the history of Christianity took place in Caesarea Philippi. It was here that Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do people say the Son of Man is?" Simon Peter answered, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Jesus then replied, "Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven" and gave Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 16: 13-20). Christians make pilgrimages to Banias and make use of the two prayer areas there.




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