Information for groups

Chalet Nimrod Castle Hostel and Restaurant is located near the Nimrod Fortress in the small and beautiful village of Nimrod. Our village lies on the Hermon cliff in northern Israel, 3,660 feet above sea level.
Our Hostel is suitable to host small, homogeneous groups. Here you can benefit from our private cabins combined with various spaces for gatherings and common activities.
In our lounge; next to a fire place and a big table, our guests can conduct different group activities. You can enjoy hot beverages and homemade snack all day.
We offer meals made in poyke (iron cast pot) in our camping site that overlooks Birkat Ram. If you want to experience different types of food, we can arrange authentic Druze meal (in the hostel or in a Druze household).
Our guests enjoy sitting in the camp site, viewing the wonderful scenery and engaging in group activities.
We are also providing guided tours to different nature reserves and historic sites in the area, and we take care of all the logistics in the outdoors.
The scenery, the food, the wine, our unique hospitality and friendly staff, we'll make your stay unforgettable, as a group and as an individual.

Our area and its surroundings

Nimrod is approximately a two and a half hour drive from Tel-Aviv, about an hour drive from the Sea of Galilee and only 15 minutes from the origins of the Jordan River.
We are located between 3 nature reserves and in close proximity to several historic sites: The Nimrod Fortress, Wadi Banias and Mount Hermon - where God gave Abraham the land of Israel in the Covenant between the Pieces (Genesis, verse 15).
East of Nimrod you'll find the Druze village of Majdal Shams. To the South is Odem - a village well known for its excellent boutique wineries and delicious wines made from the Golan grapes.

Trips and Tours

The hostel can be a great base for hikes, archeological and historic tours and we can arrange a guided tour according to your wishes and desires.
Here are just a few tours from our great variety of tours we offer:

Religions and cultures native to the Golan Heights: Nebi Hazuri, The Nimrod Fortress, Wadi Banias, The ancient synagogue in Yesud HaMa'ala, Nebi Yafuri, The Talmudic in Katzrin, Um Al Kanatir.

Wars and Battles: Mount Hermon (1967 - Six-day war), Valley of tears (1973 - Yom Kippur war), Gamla (The Great Revolt- 68 BC).

Origins of the Jordan River: Wadi Banias, Wadi Dan, Hula Valley and Ateret stronghold.

Bird watching: Mount Hermon and Hula Valley.

Stew and Wine Lounge

The lounge can be used for groups gathering, workshops or just fun meals.
In the center of the room there's a big fire place and form the panoramic windows you can view the wonderful Birkat Ram.
You can enjoy snacks and hot drinks all day long. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served everyday, all made in special cooking from local fresh ingredients.
In addition we recommend our house wine- Tomer, Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, which came out in limited edition, and is served exclusively for the fine palate of our guests.

Our Cabins

Our wooden cabins, were built by the owner, and were inspired by the ecological thinking and way of living. We created a simple but cozy design from all natural materials. Our cabins merge in its natural surroundings and that’s what gives our guests a pleasant feeling and a unique experience.
In each cabin there is a small kitchen with the basic necessities, a hut tub and a fire place. Some of the cabins are suitable for couples and some can hold a larger number of guests.

Our camping site

The site is located on the cliff of Mount Kata that overlooks Birkat Ram (a natural crater lake) at the foot of Mount Hermon - The grandfather.
The site is located in the middle of an organic cherry orchard that is owned by the family. It's a unique and peaceful spot in the mountains; you can enjoy the fresh and cool air, the peace and tranquility and the wonderful views.
Like our cabins, the site was also built on the foundation of the ecological construction and in the spirit of the ecological approach and way of living.
We offer ecological lavatories, designated areas for cooking and prepared spots for camp fires, a shared refrigerator, hot showers and electricity outlets. Our guests can also enjoy the easy access to the “Golan Route” which is close proximity by the site.
The site is active during the summer, spring and fall.

Our camping site

1 Night + Breakfast - 335 NIS
1 Night + Homemade sandwich - 312 NIS
1 Night + Breakfast + Homemade sandwich - 346 NIS
Half board: 1 Night + Breakfast + Dinner - 420 NIS
Full Board: 1 Night + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner - 480 NIS
Full Board+: 1 Night + Breakfast + Light Lunch (sandwich with fruits and beverages) + Afternoon meal + Dinner - 500 NIS

Private tour guide for a half day hike - 500 NIS
Private tour guide for a day hike - 1,000 NIS
Traditional Druze meal held in a Druze household - 80 NIS
Traditional pita bread with labaneh (strained yoghurt cheese) made on an outdoor Stove - 25 NIS

Ecological construction workshop

3 hours activity - 150 NIS per person
8 hours activity - 300 NIS per person
2 day activity - 500 NIS per person

Spa Treatments

Body Massage - 200-300 NIS for an hour