Camping in the Golan Heights

The camping site is located on the cliff of Mount Kata that overlooks Birkat Ram (A natural crater lake) at the foot of Mount Hermon - The grandfather.
The site, 1000 meters above sea level, is located in the middle of the family organic cherry orchard. It's a unique and peaceful spot in the mountains; you can enjoy the fresh and cool air, the peace and tranquility and the wonderful scenery.
The site was built on the foundation of the ecological construction and in the spirit of the ecological approach and way of living.
We offer ecological lavatories, designated areas for cooking and prepared spots for campfires, a shared refrigerator, hot showers and electricity outlets. Our guests can also enjoy the easy access to the “Golan Trail” which is close proximity by the site and lots of other trails and paths.

We offer several accommodation options:
Private tents - Bring your own tent and put in any spot you like- in the orchard or in any other spot facing the wonderful views.
Our tents - “The Ravines”- White tents, stretched on an elevated wood platform.
Our tents can accommodate couples or families of up to 4 people.
We recommend booking in advance.

Hikes in the area

The Golan Trail

Our camping site is located on the Golan Trail, and all hikers are welcome to stop by our site, take a rest and enjoy our facilities. We offer a special rate for the Golan route hikers:
35 NIS a person in a private tent.
65 NIS a person in our tents.

Odem forest and Birkat Ram

You can hike directly from you tent to Birkat Ram, the Ya’afuri valley coming into Odem forest. This can be a wonderful family hike for all ages. We can arrange transportation from the camping site to the beginning or the end of the trail.

Ein Kinya to the Banias

You can hike directly from you tent to the Banias, through the beautiful Druze village of Ein Kinya.
This hike has 2 difficulty levels:
1. The first is an easy hike on the marked dirt path.
2. The second is a more challenging hike that goes through several springs.
You can end the hike in Ein Kinya, or get down to Wadi Saar, up to the Saar waterfall and from there to the Banias.

Eating in the camping site

Poyke (cast iron cooking pot)

You can order a prepared poyke stew to the camping site- with meat or vegetables.
The stew comes with home baked bread.
The Poyke comes in all different sizes- from 2-20 people.
We recommend our house wine- Tomer, which will complement our special stew.
Meat poyke for 2 people, home baked bread and a bottle of our house wine- 150 NIS.
Please order in advance.


Our camping site guests can also enjoy our special breakfast right up to their tents. Families that camp together can eat in our dining room that is in the village, approximately 200 meters from the site.
Please book in advance.

Takeaway sandwiches:

Especially made for the hikers, we can prepare food for the road.
Our sandwiches made from our home baked bread, for that reason please make your orders the latest with the end of each day.

Picnic Meal

For couples or families we can put together a picnic basket at you request.

In a brief:

Private tents
Shower - hot water
Ecological lavatories
Vast lawn
Picnic tables
Electricity outlets
Hammocks and wings
Campfires spots


You can purchase wood,
Order special breakfast,
Prepared Poyke and
House wine.