Mountain and valley tourism

With us you can find a variety of options for a vacation in the north: starting from a hotel in Tiberias, through B&B complexes with several units, individual B&Bs, guest houses, a unique glamping complex (all year round) and open camping (spring and summer) at the foot of Mount Hermon. These are scattered in the Galilee, around the Sea of Galilee, on the Israel Trail, the Jesus Trail, the Golan Trail, and on the Golan Heights at the foot of Hermon and overlook breathtaking landscapes, allowing you to connect with nature and enjoy a rural and magical atmosphere.

All the accommodations of the "Lake Cabins" are homely, equipped and at prices accessible to the general public of vacationers.


We have invested in deep thinking to create the perfect vacation for you during all seasons of the year:

  • Equipped kitchens and personal or central barbecues in the yard.

  • A private jacuzzi and/or a pampering jacuzzi in the yard and a sauna.

  • Swimming pool in all complexes (heated in winter and open all year round).

  • Private and public seating and lounging areas.

  • Hammocks, game tables and barbecue areas.

  • A unique glamping at the foot of Hermon all year round, with the possibility of fires and Poika, in front of a breathtaking view of Berkat Ram, a restaurant and the Hermon.

  • Complementary services for camping guests in Nimrod.


בנוסף, למטיילים בצפון אנחנו מציעים את מלון הבוטיק "טיבריא" הממוקם בבניין אבן עתיק ששוקם ושופץ ומשלב בין הישן לחדש ולמודרני.
במלון חדרים מסוגים שונים המתאימים לזוגות, משפחות, קבוצות חברים ובודדים,
המלון ממוקם במרכז העיר וניתן להגיע אליו בהליכה קצרה מתחנת האוטובוסים המרכזית של טבריה, לבעלי רכב אנו מציעים חנייה חינם (מוגבלת) בחניית המלון ולרכבים חשמליים גם עמדת הטענה במחיר הוגן.
מהמלון ניתן לצאת לטייל ולבלות בעיר ברגל , למסעדות, לחופים הסמוכים, לפארק המים "חוף גיא" או לצאת ולטייל באזור הצפון.


All the complexes are located near many attractions where you can go for a walk and which you can enjoy during all seasons of the year.


A pampering and varied vacation at the "Lake Cabins"

Couples or families, individuals or travelers on the Israel Trail or the Golan Trail, a group of friends or several families - you can choose a vacation in a village in front of the Sea of Galilee and the Harbel, in the Golan Heights in front of Hermon and in the city of Tiberias. If you also want a romantic weekend for a relaxed holiday with the guys, or are celebrating a relaxed bachelor or bachelorette party and even a family gathering, you can come to us for a pampering holiday in the B&Bs.

Those interested in connecting with the peace of nature or a special romantic couple or family atmosphere will find it with us at "Glamping in the Mist" a camping complex at the foot of Mount Hermon that combines a unique glamping all year round at the foot of Mount Hermon in which combined units are heated wood, for couples and families, bonfires and fire pits in front of a breathtaking view of the snowy Mount Hermon, Berkat Ram and a restaurant.

In the summer you can set up your own tents in the "Camping in the Mist" complex, a spacious complex, overlooking a breathtaking view.

What is left for you to do is just tell us what kind of vacation you want and in what place, how many guests you will have and we will take care of the rest. We promise you will come back again.

If you want an urban vacation, a walk from the Sea of Galilee and heritage sites or hot springs and a water park, you will find it at the "Tiberia" hotel, an urban boutique hotel.
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