Mountain and valley tourism

Glamping in the Golan

What is glamping in the Golan anyway? In the digital age, people are surrounded by screens and background noise and develop a need to break away from routine and find refuge in nature, perhaps more than ever. However, not everyone is interested in a traditional camping experience of small tents and sleeping on the ground. There are many people who wish to enjoy nature while maintaining a high level of comfort. This is exactly the point where glamping -… Continue reading גלמפינג בגולן

B&Bs in Nimrod Golan Heights

Why (and where) to book B&Bs in Nimrod Golan Heights? Among the green Golan Mountains lies the village of Nimrod. The village, known for its rich history and breathtaking views, has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is the variety of unique guest houses and cabins scattered throughout the village. B&Bs and cabins in Nimrod offer guests a perfect combination of an authentic rural experience with modern amenities. Cabins… Continue reading צימרים בנמרוד רמת הגולן

Cabins near the Sea of Galilee

A unique hospitality experience with a cabin hotel in Kinneret The Kinneret region is one of the main and most sought-after tourist areas in Israel. The spectacular views, the picturesque lake and the rich historical heritage make it a dream destination for travelers from all over the country and the world. However, not all guests are interested in a traditional hotel experience. Many are looking for more unique and authentic accommodation, combining modern comfort with rural charm... Continue reading בקתות ליד הכנרת

Hotels in Subb Kinneret

Subb Kinneret hotels: a unique hospitality experience in front of spectacular views The Kinneret region, which combines rich history and culture with breathtaking views, attracts many tourists every year. Whether they are looking for a romantic vacation, a family outing or a cultural trip, hotels in Subb Kinneret will provide them with a crazy hospitality experience. Subb Kinneret hotels offer spacious rooms designed in a unique style, with… Continue reading מלונות בסובב כנרת

Guest rooms in Subb in the Sea of Galilee

Lodging in the Sea of Galilee - the must-see sites Looking for lodging around the Sea of Galilee? You have come to the right place. We have prepared for you a comprehensive article that reviews all the most worthwhile accommodation sites in the Kinneret area - boutique hotels, rural accommodation, camping and more. Everything you need to know to plan a perfect vacation - in the following lines. Talk to us at 052-2506777 by email for more information click here the lake... Continue reading חדרי אירוח בסובב בכנרת

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