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What's in the compound?!

When you enter the cabins, you smell the physical wood, the smell of the fireplace, and feel quiet. Silence that stems from the restrained, classic, unintelligent design, devoid of electronic means, with a subtle design touch of an alpine mountain cabin. The cabins offer an island of peace, with all the possible services that come to the cabin, good food from the home kitchen, après ski treatments, and complete disconnection from routine. The cabins, built by the owner, have no pretense of being part of the race for technology, they offer the opposite, they are characterized In a green ecological concept, the design is simple, heavy and unpolished wood, real and breathable material. They do not claim to be cut off and quarantined from nature, but to integrate within it. The whole place strives for an experience of nature, trips, and a connection between man, man and man and nature. On the days of cherry fruit ripening, guests of the cabin are invited to take a walk and pick organic cherries in the family's orchards, located at the foot of the small settlement. The place is divided into several complexes, which allow several families, or small and homogeneous quality groups, an experience that combines privacy in the cabin, and also the "togetherness" in the dining room, around the fireplace and the big table, or around the fire in the summer. The isolated cabins, which are outside the settlement, offer couples the opportunity to isolate themselves in nature in front of the wonderful view of Berkat Ram. The settlement of Nimrod (or Nahal Nimrod) is the highest Jewish settlement in the State of Israel, at an altitude of 1,110 meters, on the summit of Mount Kte. The settlement's name derives from its proximity to the Nimrod Citadel, and it is located near the Druze settlements of Restaurant, Majdal Shams and Ein Kiniya, and the Jewish settlement of Neve Ativ. The settlement was established by the Nahal nucleus on January 31, 1982. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on Israel's Independence Day in 1982. Today, 6 families live in the settlement. The settlement's economy is based on tourism and recreation. A restaurant and guest cabins are operated in the place.
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There is no TV
Possibility of bonfires
BBQ corners
Equipped kitchenettes
Galleries for sleep
Wide double beds
Starting at 700 NIS
Up to 4 people 25 square meters studio

A magical cabin, located about 200 meters outside the settlement of Nimrod, on a terrace near the isolated houses and the excavated cabin, with access to it by a dirt road.
The "Alon" cabin is built as one space, with a large window for the view. A sleeping area with a double bed, a bunk bed for children as well as a kitchenette including: refrigerator, toaster oven, electric stove, cutlery and plates. From the cabin and the outside balcony and the yard you can watch the spectacular view of Berkat Ram.
The cabin is suitable for a couple or a family of up to 4 people.
There is no jacuzzi or wood fireplace in the cabin, you can light a fire in the yard.

The upper complex
Starting from 2000 NIS
until 21 120 square meters Living room + 3

A new accommodation complex with 3 studio rooms (not an accommodation villa!) with a spectacular view of Berkat Ram and a restaurant.
Each room has a shower and toilet, a jacuzzi, a coffee corner, a refrigerator, a double bed, a single bed, a dining area and a gallery (balcony in the room) for the children to sleep.
Outside the cabins is a common space (living room) where there is an equipped kitchen including: refrigerator, toaster oven, electric stove, dishes and cooking utensils, a wood fireplace for heating in winter and a common sitting area.
The complex is suitable for 3 families (up to 21 people) who want to be together and groups of friends and couples.
There is no TV or WIFI, there is cellular reception.
*Price for 6 people

The spa
Starting from 1000 NIS
until 7 35 square meters Duplex 2

The spa cabin has two floors: the first floor is a sleeping floor with large windows to the view, where you will find a large double bed, shower and toilet and a wood fireplace that also heats the upper floor, the spa floor.

On the spa floor there is a wide spa jacuzzi suitable for 6 people, a dry sauna and a shower. You will also find on the floor a bedroom suitable for 3 people and a sofa, a kitchen and a sitting area that overlooks the Ram pool through large windows.

*The price is for 4 people

the isolated ones
Starting at 700 NIS
6 30 square meters Studio and gallery

The isolated cabins are about 200 meters outside the settlement fence. They are incredibly romantic, very spacious and offer two guest rooms, which connect two large windows between them. In one space there are two low sofas and a small table and in the central space you will find a kitchenette, a jacuzzi, a living room, a wood fireplace and a small attic. The balcony looks like it's suspended in the air and has sunbeds and a table
A picnic, a sitting area and a view that you simply cannot imagine.

the excavation
Starting at 700 NIS
until 4 18 square meters studio

A magical cabin, which is located about 200 meters outside the settlement of Nimrod, and is reached by a dirt road. It is built as one space, with a large window to the view. In the center of the space you will find a sleeping area, a wood-burning fireplace and an open jacuzzi, as well as a kitchenette that includes: a refrigerator, a toaster oven, an electric stove, cutlery and plates. From the cabin you can watch the spectacular view of Berkat Ram. The cabin is suitable for a couple or a family.
During the period when the fruits of the cherry trees ripen, you can pick from the surrounding trees and eat the organic fruit straight from the tree.

the french woman
Starting from NIS 598
until 3 18 square meters studio

The "French chalet" is designed as a Parisian attic, with a French country design. The bed is low, the jacuzzi is rectangular and partly sunk into the wooden floor. The cabin is intimate and romantic and you will find an extra bed, a wood fireplace, kitchenette, shower and toilet.

the twins
Starting at 600 NIS
until 7 22 square meters Studio + gallery

The "twins" are a pair of cabins next to each other and are especially suitable for two families. Each of the cabins is large and spacious and accommodates a large family (couple + 4 children). In each of the cabins you will find two sleeping areas - for the parents, which adjoins the living room and allows privacy with a curtain partition, and for the children in the sleeping gallery. Each cabin has a kitchenette, balcony, fireplace, corner
Food, a bathroom with a pampering jacuzzi.

the first
Starting at 600 NIS
7 25 square meters Studio + 1

This cabin is a loft with one large space, with a four-poster bed, two sofas (single beds), a kitchenette and a large dining table made of natural wood. In the middle of the room there is a pampering jacuzzi, shower and separate toilets. In the space there is a special sleeping area for children, with 3 mattresses. The cabin is suitable for couples who want a large space, or for families who want to experience a family feeling
special, around the big table, next to the burning fireplace.

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