Mountain and valley tourism

Camping in the fog

What's in the compound?!

Our campsite is located on the cliff of Mount Keta, overlooking Berkat Ram, in the northern part of the Golan Heights, at the foot of Mount Hermon. The site, located at an altitude of 1000 meters, in the heart of the family's organic cherry orchards, is characterized by clear and cold mountain air, a fickle and quiet view of the end of the world to the left. The place is built on the foundations of construction and ecological being. What is included in the price? Toilets, hot showers, barbecue and cooking fire areas, refrigerators for free use, electrical connection point for charging phones, shade sheds, tables, and access to hiking trails from the tent door. Dogs can be brought. Accommodation options: Accommodation in private tents, they can be pitched in the open, under sheds or in the heart of the cherry orchard.
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There is no TV
Possibility of a campfire
A compound for bonfires
Shade sheds
Shared toilets and showers
Camping sheds
From 60 NIS
Starting from 2 9 square meters Camping

A camping area is divided into sheds around which tents are erected, each shed includes a Kekel table lighting and is suitable for setting up a tent with up to 3 tents around it.

In the complex there are showers and shared toilets

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