Glamping in the fog

What's in the compound?!

Self-built, unique, insulated and air-conditioned wooden tents with a double bed that overlook a spectacular view of Birkat Ram and a restaurant in the best location at the camping site "Camping in the Fog". 4 "rabbits" 10 square meters suitable for a couple + 2. (children at an additional price). 1 "rabbit" with a gallery suitable for a couple + 2 (included in the price) 5 "bricks" 12 square meters higher suitable for a couple + 4 (children at an additional price). What does "Haspanit" "Livnia" include? Double bed (mattresses can be added for an additional fee), air conditioner, electrical outlet, KKL-Junk table, private shed. Toilets and showers with hot water are shared in the campsite. In the Havaniya complex, shared refrigerators and facilities for fires. In the Havaniya complex, a shared tent with a wood stove and a cheap corner and a kitchenette tent with gas and sink.
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There is no TV
Possibility of a campfire
Double bed
Shared toilets and showers
seating area
Shared tent with wood burning fireplace
Shared kitchen
Area for bonfire
From NIS 400
until 4 12 square meters studio

"Glamping" tent combined with wood 12 square meters
Includes: double bed, air conditioner, shared fridge and freezer, shared showers and toilets.
Suitable for up to 4 adults or a family of 6 people

Starting at NIS 299
until 4 8 square meters studio

8 square meter wooden tent including: bed, air conditioner, shared refrigerator and freezer, shared showers and toilets.
Suitable for a couple or a family of 4

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In light of the events in Israel

The hotel offers accommodation to residents of the south and residents of the northern border 

Double and family rooms at extremely low prices!

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